As a reputable brand for online medicines, we are highly aware and take great caution in protecting the privacy of our customers. Being an online business we are meticulous in the way we protect the personal information we hold of our clients. Data collected by us is used only to ensure effective transactional pathway. We have no intention of using your whereabouts for any other reason. Our technical experts safeguard the privacy of users signing in with us by using the latest encryption software.

Any personal details listed with us are kept secure. We do not give this exclusive information to any third party. We also receive some technical details while you visit our website, that information just helps us to identify you as a user. In certain cases, we ask for health related information, maybe a medical history or consultant remarks and advice, this data is collected for the purpose of providing the client the right dosage of medicine. Your contact details are revealed to the delivery personnel, we have trustworthy people working with us who will not exploit your information.

All payment related information is deemed highly classified and not available to any unauthorized personnel. To offer you a secure and valuable experience, we request clients provide registration details. This helps us identify clients that have previously visited our website. In case you forget your password or have trouble signing in, inform us immediately. If someone else is using your account, we can put a “Block” or “Hold” on the account and in extreme cases even terminate the account. Please do not share your account details with anyone to avoid such trouble.

If you want to change an address or contact number, you will need to send an email to [email protected] informing us of the change. If there is a scenario where we need to give your account details to a third party, you will be notified and it will be by your consent. We do not share our customers data with the advertising groups, rest assured it cannot be done without your permission. From order placement to delivery we make sure that the privacy of our clients is fully respected. In case you feel any violation of personal information shared with us, report it instantly.

Customers’ trust is our primary goal and we strive hard to win it. Our business values are based on fair and ethical trade practices; we take great steps to retaining our clients.

Our Privacy Policy is susceptible to changes. Any modification and additions made will be posted on the website, we recommend you to pharmacy service provides U.S customers access to affordable medicines backed by world class customer service and support.

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Also, please note that this website’s only purpose is to generate leads. We do not assert that we are an online pharmaceutical store.

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